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ECCelerate 4.01 released!


We proudly present a new maintenance release of our IAIK ECCelerateâ„¢ elliptic curve library! Version 4.01 adds support for curves from the FIDO ECDAA standard and fixes minor bugs. IAIK ECCelerateâ„¢ is based on Java 6 technology and has been thoroughly optimized for speed. Currently, it supports ECDSA, ECDH, ECIES and optionally ECMQV.

iSaSiLk 5.105 released!


iSaSiLk 5.105 Maintenance release fixes some ECC related issues.


Our Clients

SHA Modules

We also offer modules for SHA-1 and different SHA-3 candidates on requrest. Please contact for any further information.


Combined Module SHA-224 and SHA-256

The IAIK combined SHA-224 and SHA-256 modules are fully compliant to the FIPS PUB 180-3 Secure Hash Standard definition. All of them come with a standard 32-bit bus interface, an easily accessible memory mapped interface and have been evaluated for both ASIC and FPGA designs. We also provide a fully functional SystemC model which can be used for high-performance simulations.

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